Finding Frames:

New ways to engage the UK public in global poverty

Andrew Darnton
with Martin Kirk

Welcome to Finding Frames. This site hosts the report in different formats and will host other resources once—and by whoever—they are developed.

Finding Frames is a report about the ways in which the UK public engage with global poverty issues, and about how development NGOs and other stakeholders might deepen and extend that engagement. Having identified the problems, the report deliberately does not prescribe solutions; instead it sets out a programme of work which NGOs will need to undertake in collaboration if it is to achieve the transformational change in how the public engage with poverty which we feel is long overdue.

The report itself is the product of collaborative working. It was instigated by Oxfam, in response to one of Andrew Darnton's evidence reviews on public perceptions of poverty, for DFID. The report also builds on current work in values campaigning, laid out by WWF's Tom Crompton in Common Cause. Finding Frames was initially funded by DFID and published by BOND, although in recent months we have been self-funding. Since its early days, Finding Frames has also emerged from the deliberations of an extended team, including campaigns staff from leading development NGOs, and other stakeholders from policy and academia.

Over the next few months we plan to build on the thinking set out in the Finding Frames report, and develop the agenda in collaboration with key NGOs. We will continue a programme of dissemination, but also seek to push on with the task of finding new frames for development. If you would like to get involved, please contact us here—and keep checking back for further developments.